CJ Faison tapped to drive the #24 USAC SpeedSTR


Seaford, DE native CJ Faison is preparing for his 2nd ever open wheel USAC SpeedSTR race October 10th at 5 Mile Point Speedway in Kirkwood, NY. The 22 year old racecar driver is looking to place another top 10 finish while driving the Famed Dirt Late Model racer Rick Eckert's #24 USAC racecar. "Open wheel racing is treacherous but a lot of fun. My passion is dirt racing, always has been, but NASCAR is a huge bonus." said Faison.

With the 2015 season coming to a near end and 2016 already ramping up for some drivers, CJ is still left with a few decisions to make for himself. CJ has said "I'd like to pursue more of open wheel racing for sure, but at the same time I'm still searching for sponsorship to run a partial season in one of the top series in NASCAR." CJ still has his dirt late model and Dirt Modified to race as well.

The 2015 race season has been a tough break for CJ with 3 blown motors in his dirt car racing experiences. "It's nothing we have done wrong on  our part, but I will say that we try to get every ounce of speed out of my cars. You can't fault us for that, it was a motor program that was either going to set records or set us on the side lines. We took the risk and it put me on the side lines watching races most of this season." 2016 looks to be a brand new start for CJ Faison and his newly found team CJ Faison Motorsports. His winter time plans are to move his team's racing operation from Laurel, DE to his new race shop in Seaford, DE.