A simple question opened my eyes.

So just recently I posted something on Facebook asking what people's definition of success was. I personally do not believe that there's a certain answer, I feel that everyone should have their own.

So I had people instantly starting to comment and I sat there to read every single comment and reflected on them. I mainly wanted to understand other people's perspective on life: what mattered most to them and why.

Some of you reading this article are probably wondering why that would matter to me... It matters to me because I want to understand other people's thought processes and what makes them tick. For the most part the people commented on my post had common definitions of success but everyone had their own "twist".

I think that it's extremely important to have self-awareness: knowing what you are good and not so good at. I personally have a hard time understanding other people's goals and definitions of success. I've been so stuck in my own definition that it's hard to stop and look around. That's why I personally wanted to ask the people on my Twitter and Facebook what their definition was.

So I concluded that everyone has a different outlook/perspective of what success is. Success is simply what you determine it to be. In my opinion, I think that we all need to understand that we all have different goals and measures of success. I used to think people were crazy for not having outrageuos goals and ambitions like I do but this opened my ears to hearing more than my own thoughts. So the take away and meaning behind this article is: Learn to understand everyone is not like you and their views might be different but it doesn't make it right or wrong. It just means everyone is unique. Do you and be great.

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