To the people who tell you to set realistic goals.....

In life, we all have been told "If you can dream it, you can do it" but then comes to contradicting statement from a friend or relative.... "Don't set your goals too high, you'll become disappointed if you don't reach them. Set them at an attainable level."... That is one of the worst pieces of advice one human could give to another. You need to tell that person "Don't ever tell me that again". Just because they failed at something that gave them that attitude, doesn't mean you will fail. To "that" person, their advice is safe and makes them feel better in some kind of sick twisted way. My mind cannot even comprehend the small thinking mentality, I really can't.

Setting your goals too low is a waste of your time and energy. Why not shoot for some outrageous goal? Are you too lazy to put the work and dedication into achieving it? See, you end up lying to yourself when you think "wow, that goal is way bigger than I could ever be." or "I don't know how to become that successful". At that point you are already beat, its game over for you.

I absolutely hate thinking small. I don't do it and I won't do it. When I have the idea for a project for my business, I 10x my thinking. Basically if I want our company to sell 100 vehicles this week, we will shoot for 1,000. I'd rather fall short shooting for 1,000 than falling short for 100. In everything you do, 10x your life and it will be well worth it. So I'm going to challenge you to try this example... Just follow along with my instructions and don't worry about what the people around you will think, just do it....

Step 1: Raise your hand high in the air

Step 2: Raise your hand even higher now.

See? It would be my guess that 99% of people who tried this reached even higher on step 2 just because you were told to. Again, I preach mindset to everyone I meet, that challenge there was mindset. Why didn't you reach the highest you could the first time? It's most likely because your whole life you've been trained to fit in societies vision for you. You didn't want to be the weird person who raised their hand as high as they can the first time and look crazy. But let me tell you one thing, crazy: it wins.

So here's the "takeaway" from this article... Listening to others who say to do less, will ultimately result in an unhappy life and you not reaching the level of success you wanted. So be sure to listen to advice from others very carefully. Pick and choose. Life is all about choices.

Thanks for reading folks, be great.

-CJ Faison