I used to get mad when people would copy my marketing strategies

At the age of 12 is when I first started venturing into learning about marketing because I knew it was an intricate part of any business. I've always been an entrepreneur at heart from selling coupons (yes coupons) in my grandmother's front yard, all the way to selling vehicles, I've sold just about everything you can think of. But during all of that, I had to figure out ways to separate myself from the noise (other businesses marketing).

Right now at the age of 23, I am constantly changing up my marketing strategies, techniques and platforms. Most people do not have the discipline to put 16 hours a day working like I do and I understand that which brings me to my next point. I used to get mad when other businesses/people would watch what I was doing and then almost duplicate it to the dot. Later I realized that it was more of a compliment rather than a form of "copy catting" like I thought. The moment that people stop copying my marketing strategies and techniques is the day I need to reevaluate how I'm doing. I never went to college, I've just had to teach myself how to be creative and learning the programs to do it with.

Along with being the President of the Delaware Auto Exchange, managing 59 employees, I also am the Marketing Director and I'm extremely involved with every piece of content that goes out for marketing. I spend countless hours at night researching, taking notes, and jotting down ideas that I feel would work.

All I look for every single day is "where can my business get the most attention?" and that means I'm constantly doing videos, pictures, customized content, etc... But I'm always changing it up because the market it always changing.

Here's a few tips I can offer you:

  • Never plan more than 3 months ahead for marketing content because platforms change, new trends come up, and most of all you need to be fresh and excited about it.
  • When someone copies your strategies and techniques, be happy they took note and realize that it must be working...
  • Don't ever copy anyone else's marketing strategies, it first off makes you look bad and puts you in the position of being behind the trend. Again, be original, be you, and do what works best for your business/brand.