A simple question opened my eyes.

So just recently I posted something on Facebook asking what people's definition of success was. I personally do not believe that there's a certain answer, I feel that everyone should have their own.

So I had people instantly starting to comment and I sat there to read every single comment and reflected on them. I mainly wanted to understand other people's perspective on life: what mattered most to them and why.

Some of you reading this article are probably wondering why that would matter to me... It matters to me because I want to understand other people's thought processes and what makes them tick. For the most part the people commented on my post had common definitions of success but everyone had their own "twist".

I think that it's extremely important to have self-awareness: knowing what you are good and not so good at. I personally have a hard time understanding other people's goals and definitions of success. I've been so stuck in my own definition that it's hard to stop and look around. That's why I personally wanted to ask the people on my Twitter and Facebook what their definition was.

So I concluded that everyone has a different outlook/perspective of what success is. Success is simply what you determine it to be. In my opinion, I think that we all need to understand that we all have different goals and measures of success. I used to think people were crazy for not having outrageuos goals and ambitions like I do but this opened my ears to hearing more than my own thoughts. So the take away and meaning behind this article is: Learn to understand everyone is not like you and their views might be different but it doesn't make it right or wrong. It just means everyone is unique. Do you and be great.

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To the people who tell you to set realistic goals.....

In life, we all have been told "If you can dream it, you can do it" but then comes to contradicting statement from a friend or relative.... "Don't set your goals too high, you'll become disappointed if you don't reach them. Set them at an attainable level."... That is one of the worst pieces of advice one human could give to another. You need to tell that person "Don't ever tell me that again". Just because they failed at something that gave them that attitude, doesn't mean you will fail. To "that" person, their advice is safe and makes them feel better in some kind of sick twisted way. My mind cannot even comprehend the small thinking mentality, I really can't.

Setting your goals too low is a waste of your time and energy. Why not shoot for some outrageous goal? Are you too lazy to put the work and dedication into achieving it? See, you end up lying to yourself when you think "wow, that goal is way bigger than I could ever be." or "I don't know how to become that successful". At that point you are already beat, its game over for you.

I absolutely hate thinking small. I don't do it and I won't do it. When I have the idea for a project for my business, I 10x my thinking. Basically if I want our company to sell 100 vehicles this week, we will shoot for 1,000. I'd rather fall short shooting for 1,000 than falling short for 100. In everything you do, 10x your life and it will be well worth it. So I'm going to challenge you to try this example... Just follow along with my instructions and don't worry about what the people around you will think, just do it....

Step 1: Raise your hand high in the air

Step 2: Raise your hand even higher now.

See? It would be my guess that 99% of people who tried this reached even higher on step 2 just because you were told to. Again, I preach mindset to everyone I meet, that challenge there was mindset. Why didn't you reach the highest you could the first time? It's most likely because your whole life you've been trained to fit in societies vision for you. You didn't want to be the weird person who raised their hand as high as they can the first time and look crazy. But let me tell you one thing, crazy: it wins.

So here's the "takeaway" from this article... Listening to others who say to do less, will ultimately result in an unhappy life and you not reaching the level of success you wanted. So be sure to listen to advice from others very carefully. Pick and choose. Life is all about choices.

Thanks for reading folks, be great.

-CJ Faison



I used to get mad when people would copy my marketing strategies

At the age of 12 is when I first started venturing into learning about marketing because I knew it was an intricate part of any business. I've always been an entrepreneur at heart from selling coupons (yes coupons) in my grandmother's front yard, all the way to selling vehicles, I've sold just about everything you can think of. But during all of that, I had to figure out ways to separate myself from the noise (other businesses marketing).

Right now at the age of 23, I am constantly changing up my marketing strategies, techniques and platforms. Most people do not have the discipline to put 16 hours a day working like I do and I understand that which brings me to my next point. I used to get mad when other businesses/people would watch what I was doing and then almost duplicate it to the dot. Later I realized that it was more of a compliment rather than a form of "copy catting" like I thought. The moment that people stop copying my marketing strategies and techniques is the day I need to reevaluate how I'm doing. I never went to college, I've just had to teach myself how to be creative and learning the programs to do it with.

Along with being the President of the Delaware Auto Exchange, managing 59 employees, I also am the Marketing Director and I'm extremely involved with every piece of content that goes out for marketing. I spend countless hours at night researching, taking notes, and jotting down ideas that I feel would work.

All I look for every single day is "where can my business get the most attention?" and that means I'm constantly doing videos, pictures, customized content, etc... But I'm always changing it up because the market it always changing.

Here's a few tips I can offer you:

  • Never plan more than 3 months ahead for marketing content because platforms change, new trends come up, and most of all you need to be fresh and excited about it.
  • When someone copies your strategies and techniques, be happy they took note and realize that it must be working...
  • Don't ever copy anyone else's marketing strategies, it first off makes you look bad and puts you in the position of being behind the trend. Again, be original, be you, and do what works best for your business/brand.

Dress like you own the bank, not like you need a loan from one.

In the past 2 years I've learned that the way I dress reflects my self confidence. Before I go to bed every night, I lay out which suit or set of business clothes I am wearing tomorrow. That method does two things: Buys me a few minutes of time I would normally waste in the morning looking for clothes to wear and it also gives me something to look forward to (basically jump starting my day).

I like to be overdressed no matter what occasion or event I'm attending. Now, I'm not saying for you to go out and buy some crazy expensive suits and business clothes, but spend your money on looking the part because that helps fuel your confidence of being the part. Please note, I am not a psychology major, nor am I college educated. But I've learned that when I put on that neatly pressed dress shirt, polished up shoes and tighten that slick tie I bought myself, my confidence level is boosted beyond comprehension.

When I walk into a client's office and I'm better dressed than them, I feel that I have the upper hand even if I don't but that helps me make courageous decisions when I ask for their business. Other business professionals will respect the way you dress. My favorite quote is "Dress like you own the bank, not like you need a loan from one." and that couldn't be anymore true. The dress clothes you wear should fit your build. If the suit is a little too big or too long, have it tailored. If you just spent $400 $500 or $5000 on that suit, complete the picture by tailoring it to fit you. Look the part, be the part and own your confidence.

AND: Know that when people see you all dressed up, you'll hear "Oh, what are you so dressed up for?"... My response is always "I take my life seriously."

Remember that the way you dress is for you only. Be great.

Life is about the Destination, not the journey.

I strongly dislike the term "Life is a journey, not a destination."..... But, Life is all about the destination, not the journey. Maybe I'm not as free spirited as most, but I'm more goal driven than anyone else you know. I've heard 100's of people say "Life is about the journey, not the destination" yet I never understood that quote... Until I looked at the people who were saying that. I soon realized those were the people who didn't have concreted goals and ambitions. I'm not the type of person to sit back and take what life gives me.

I refuse to be average....

Here's the difference of the two in my eyes... A journey is "I have a goal in life and I really hope I obtain that goal, but if I don't then I will just enjoy my average life." A destination is a concrete goal that you will do whatever it takes to get there and nothing will stop you. That's where you need to be. If you are not obsessed with your goal, you will never reach it. I've said this my whole life: "There is only one thing I want in life: Everything." and that still holds true to this day. I say that to myself everyday without hesitation. But before you judge me, ask yourself "What's wrong with wanting everything in life?".

Lots of people have said to me "Well you can at least enjoy the journey on the way to your destination"... But again, I'm over here thinking to myself "I'll enjoy the journey after I reach my goals, I'll have freedom to do as I please." Folks, its all about the sacrifice and some just aren't willing to do so. Get concrete about your goals and go after them with an insane obsession and you'll achieve them. Just my thought for the day.... Go on a journey after you've made it to your destination.


Be great,

CJ Faison.