Autograph Requests

Please send autograph requests to:
CJ Faison Inc.
Attn: Autograph Requests
10182 S Dupont Hwy.
Felton, DE. 19943

Please be sure to respect the following autograph request guidelines:

1) Due to the large volume of incoming mail, items do occasionally become separated from their envelopes or packaging. There are also occasions when mail does not make it to its destination, or items are damaged in transit.  CJ Faison Inc. is not responsible for the loss, damage and/or return of items sent to be signed.
2) If you do not send sufficient postage for return, you WILL NOT receive items back. You MUST include a self-addressed envelope/package with proper postage for return. Please do not send cash, money order or a check to pay for return postage. Actual postage MUST be included. 
3) Autograph requests are not limited.
4) If you send a large scale diecast to be autographed, please remove it from its packaging, and send it to us wrapped in bubble wrap or some other protective paper. Otherwise, CJ will autograph the box it comes in.
5) When requesting autographed postcards, please include a self-addressed 9” x 12” envelope with proper postage.
6) Please also allow an appropriate length of time for returns, as CJ signs each autograph request personally.  Currently it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks (sometimes longer, depending on his schedule) for your item to be signed and returned.